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I first encountered computers and the internet in 1995, and started coding in 2000 when I was in middle school. In 2004, when I was still in high school, I started outsourcing software production on a freelance basis, and have worked as a full-time professional software engineer since 2007. I’ve contributed to free/open source software since I was a student. I am not only obsessed with technology, but also view software development as work and value teamwork and collaboration. My strengths are that I am good at synthesizing complex situations, and taking conflicting opinions and building consensus, which is what my colleagues often tell about me.



2018–2023 Planetarium

Worked on Libplanet, an open source library for creating peer-to-peer multiplayer online games.

Used technologies were: C#, .NET (Core), Mono, NetMQ (ZeroMQ), Unity, and TypeScript.

2014–2018 Spoqa

Worked on Dodo, a tablet-based customer loyalty and marketing platform for local merchants and stores.

Used technologies were: Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, and PostgreSQL.

2013 The Beatpacking Company

Worked on Beat, a South Korean music app, which is like Spotify. (Acquired by Naver in 2016.)

Used technologies were: Java (Android), Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, and PostgreSQL.

2011–2012 StyleShare

StyleShare is a social network service to share fashion photography.

Worked as CTO.

Used technologies were: Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, and PostgreSQL.

2010 CDNetworks

CDNetworks provides content delivery network service.

Worked on an in-house distributed and scalable monitoring system that manages about 10+ thousand server nodes.

Used technologies were: Python, Tokyo Cabinet, and PostgreSQL.

2007–2010 Nielsen Korea

Korean branch of Nielsen Company, a global marketing and advertising research company.

Worked on KoreanClick which provides measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, consumer-generated media, commerce, and consumer behavior.

Worked on Searchian which provides keyword suggestion for search marketing, analysis of keyword advertising platforms, and measurement of keyword usage.

Worked as a substitute of mandatory military service.

Used technologies were: PHP, Pro*C, Oracle DBMS, and Python.

2006–2007 Olaworks

Worked on Olalog, a photo sharing social network service based on facial recognition technology.

Retired to do liability for military service.

Used technologies were: Ruby, Rails, and MySQL.



Mentor of Software Maestro program by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Republic of Korea.

2007, 2008

Mentor of Winter of Code.


2004–2007 Sunrin Internet High School


2024– Fedify

ActivityPub implementation and federated server framework.

Written in TypeScript (Deno).

2023– Dojang

Cross-platform dotfiles manager.

Written in Haskell.

2018–2023 Libplanet

.NET library for creating multiplayer online games in decentralized fashion, which means the whole game play occurs on a peer-to-peer network among equal nodes rather than an authorized central server. Under the hood, it incorporates many features (e.g., digital signature, BFT consensus, data replication) of a blockchain.

Written in C#.

2016–2018 Nirum

IDL compiler and RPC/distributed object framework for microservices.

Written in Haskell.

2014–2018 Geofront

Simple SSH key management service which helps to maintain servers to SSH, and authorized_keys list for them.

Written in Python 3.

2012–2018 libsass-python

Sass/SCSS for Python.

Written in C & Python.

2011–2018 Wand

ctypes-based simple ImageMagick (a widely-used image processing library) binding for Python.

Written in Python.

The above list contains only my representative projects. My more open source activities can be found in my GitHub and Bitbucket.


The above list contains only the best received ones. My more decks can be found in my Speaker Deck.