(Hong Minhee)

Hi! I'm Hong Minhee, a software engineer from Seoul. You've reached here, my website. I'm currently working for Planetarium, and write some open source softwares, and these are written in Haskell, C#, & Python for the most part. I'm an advocate of free/open source software and Open Web. My interests are languages of East Asia (i.e., CJK), and further, Unihan, and static typed functional programming languages. (Résumé →)

I had occasionally written about programming and other my interests in Korean:


You can find my profiles across social media.


The best method to contact with me is by email: hong.minhee@gmail.com. (But please ask your questions in a corresponding mailing list or Stack Overflow instead of my personal email address if they are about my projects.)

You can find me on IRC as well:

Here's my Discord username too:


My PGP public key is:


Open Source

You also can see my other activities about open source hacking at my GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Hackage, PyPI, and NuGet.